We have a true passion

for Energy Efficiency.


Our team is dedicated to making the transition to energy efficiency easy and stress free.




As a small puppy I always dreamed of being a star, my life began in a trailer park just outside Zephyrhills sharing a trailer with 13 other brothers and sisters just wasn't the right fit for a princess like me. On April 8th 2010, my new dad and soon to be agent saved me and showed me a taste of the good life! My new life tasted a little too good and in my search for stardom I developed a bit of a weight problem which led to hypothyroidism...what a pain right?! Lucky for me, casting agents were looking for a fluffier girl like myself to fit the role in the EHS commercial aka MY BIG BREAK! It's been hard for me to keep up with the fame ever since. I'm now a healthy girl however, waiting for my next big break. I love long walks on the beach, relaxing and taking naps on my big leather couch or ruining the blinds in my dad’s house if I see any paparazzi walking by trying to sneak a photo! Anyways, like most stars these days I'm jumping on the bandwagon of using my fame for a good cause...that's where you come in. Do your part to go green and protect mother nature! Without you doing your part and keeping our environment green...what will I have to fertilize? 


As the Founder and Owner of Efficient Home Services, I have made it my mission to change the way homeowners achieve energy efficiency within their homes. I have been involved in the energy efficiency line of work for 10+ years and have learned countless lessons regarding ways to create green homes and do so in a way that would end up not affecting the homeowner's budget.  I grew tired of handing the ridiculous amounts of money to my power company for electricity bills each month and I knew there had to be a better way...Efficient Home Services was born. 

As far my free time is concerned, I find happiness in a few things: giving back to my local community, whether it be charity or volunteer work. I also enjoy staying physically active by being involved in sports. And the one thing that brings me the most happiness is spending time with my family, including my 5 year old Rottweiler Marley.

Efficient Home Services is a family. We are real people just like you. We pride ourselves on doing right by not only our family of employees, but also you, the customer. Join our family and let us help save you money.


As one of the founders and owners of EHS, it makes me proud to see the passion our great employees have for helping others. I knew when starting EHS that we had to put our customers first at all times, no matter what. I love seeing our team have the same attitude towards our customers. One thing I ill never change, is the way we will always offer the best service, products and warranties and we will always back our work 100%.I have always worked in fields involving cutting edge technology and I enjoy being the guy who people can trust to get their answers from. 

Last but not least, my two children Ava and Carter are my world. Their well-being is my life mission! I was blessed with parents who loved me unconditionally, I want to provide the same love for my children. 

I genuinely care about other people, an truly enjoy the opportunities EHS has brought me to help others. One thing about me is that you can rest assured that I will always have the best interest of other's in mind. Finally...GO BUCS!


Well besides the fact that energy efficiency is the present and future. I am also very passionate about energy efficiency because it genuinely saves homeowners money from ridiculously over charged energy bills. In today's times that extra spending can be used for more useful things and I feel great knowing that I assisted a homeowner with that opportunity.

A bit about me? I am a proud dad who enjoys spending quality time with family. But I also enjoy some me time, watching and attending sporting events. Fun for me also includes: exercising, a good movie, a friendly debate, and laughter with friends.


As Operations Manager for Efficient Home Services I am responsible for maintaining various duties, from start to finish, of all projects. I personally have an extensive background in various forms of office management construction and administration settings, which makes me very versatile and quick to learn. 

I am a Florida native and live with my husband Roger, we are the parents to two awesome children; Jordan, 13 and Jocelyn, 8. I have been lucky enough to find balance between work and raising my family which has taught me the experience and growth I was required in order to succeed in my career.

In my spare time I enjoy the outdoors and have a great love for photography, but most important is the time I get to spend with my family and friends.


As a Florida native, I have always been a fan of nature, water and basically anything that has to do with the outdoors! It wasn't until high school when I had an assignment involving the energy crisis we are facing and ways to solve it that I truly became passionate for going green! I have made it my mission to be a part of the company making a difference in the Sunshine State to beat the power companies.  Everyday I have the pleasure of helping local homeowners obtain energy saving products without affecting their budget! My favorite way to de-stress from a busy work week is by hopping on a boat and heading offshore for some fishing or diving. Let us help you make a difference for not just your home, but for your community!


I was born here in the Tampa Bay area and I have a true passion for clean renewable energy for my fellow Floridians. I mean come on...we live in the SUNSHINE STATE!! We have unlimited FREE energy that comes from the sun. I've always been the kind of person to try to find a way to make things more affordable. I get true joy out of showing homeowners how they can stop the bleeding from the electric company. Why continue to give 100% interest to the power company when you can invest it into your own home?

As far as my personal life, I enjoy reading books, watching sports, spending time with friends and family, playing the drums, going to concerts and giving back to the community.


I am a true Floridian that is passionate about our environment. I recently got involved with the community about Renewables and Community Gardens. My family and I do everything we can to eat clean, and make as little as possible of a carbon footprint. We are huge on protecting our environment and when given this opportunity to talk to other homeowners about conserving energy, I knew I had to jump aboard!

I am a father of two amazing boys and husband to the best wife out there. We enjoy getting involved within our community to show support and offer a helping hand to those less fortunate than us. We enjoy visiting many different zoos,  museums, aquariums, and theme parks. We also enjoy traveling and having the opportunity to see many different cultures. During our relaxing time we enjoy DIY projects and just simply watching our sons grow each day.


I was born in Texas and I experienced the heat of that state up close and personal. I moved to Florida 4 years ago and love the weather here.  I started my career in the Graphic Arts business and as that became more digital I began to explore what industry looked to be the new wave. Solar was on top of my list. The ability to eliminate my power bills was an important factor in my decision to move into this industry. Simply said we help homeowners. Its always better to invest in your own home and not the electric company.

On a personal note, I enjoy meeting people. I love to play golf and consider myself a respectable player. I have a beautiful significant other and we spend time with the children and those activities. 

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I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, FL. Growing up so close to the water I would go boating, scuba diving, and fishing every opportunity possible. Being raised in that type of environment I always wanted to do my part for environment. Working at EHS gives me the opportunity to make our world a better place while helping great people in the process!

I typically spend my spare time volunteering at the YMCA with the underprivileged and at my local food bank. I'm also a huge football fan and have been known to be at Raymond James or the Swamp to cheer on the Bucs on Gators. 



I'm a young ambitious, Florida born and raised in the Tampa Bay area. I have always enjoyed making my profession something that helps people and the fact that my current position also helps the planet is just a bonus. When I'm not helping homeowners eliminate their electric bill you could probably find me on the water enjoying the sunshine enjoying the beach my favorite things to do in life is laugh and enjoy family time.