What Accounts for the Rising Popularity in Residential Solar Energy Panels?

You’ve probably seen that residential solar panels are more popular today than ever before. If your neighbors don’t have solar panels, then you’ve probably noticed them somewhere in your local community. While many homeowners notice the rise in popularity of solar panels, they’re not exactly sure what’s responsible for the shift in so many residential energy systems. If you’re wondering why residential solar panels have become so popular, then read below to find out. You might be surprised by what you learn. What’s more, you may even be inspired to get on board with the shift in energy supply that is happening all over the globe at this very moment.

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Residential Solar Panels Save Homeowners Energy

Saving energy over time is one of the greatest ways to revivify your financial well-being. If you are noticing that your monthly utility bills seem like they are far too high, then cutting back on your energy consumption through the installation of residential solar panels can be the first step to reducing costs. In fact, many homeowners that switch to renewable energy notice incredible savings right away.

As an additional benefit, solar panels are more friendly to the environment at large. With traditional energy systems found in most homes, greenhouse gases are created through the emission of harmful fumes that result from the burning of fossil fuels. Of course, this leads to ozone layer damage and contributes to problems such as rising ocean temperatures and altered seasons. If you want to be sure that you aren’t a participant in this type of environmental damage, then switching over to residential solar panels is one of the first decisions you can make to do so.

Residential Solar Panels Are Getting More Affordable

Over the past 15 years, solar energy use has surged at about 20% a year, thanks to rapidly falling prices and efficiency gains. This means that you no longer have to worry about solar panel installation costing you an enormous amount of money. In fact, having the right solar panels installed for your home is more affordable today than it’s ever been before. Think about contacting a local power company to see what kinds of rates they offer. Some companies may even offer financial credits and incentives depending on your eligibility.

At Efficient Home Services, our team is positioned to help you get established with a new residential solar panel configuration in a manner that is both efficient, timely, and cost-effective. If you have been considering using solar energy around your home, or if you’re just interested in learning a bit more about residential solar panel installation, then do not hesitate to reach out and get in touch with a member of our team today. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you develop a plan for implementing residential solar panels at your home.

A Few Reasons to Make the Switch to Solar Energy for Your Commercial Property

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Though there is a lot of talk about the benefits of residential solar energy systems, commercial solar energy is equally beneficial. Whether you own a large commercial property or a smaller one, there are many reasons as to why using solar energy is the right choice to make. If you’ve been considering switching to commercial solar energy for your commercial property, then here’s just a few reasons why it’s an excellent choice.

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How You Can Save Money and Energy with Solar Energy Solutions

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Lately there’s a lot of talk about residential solar energy and other forms of renewable energy. And it’s no wonder why. Home owners using solar energy have discovered incredible savings both in their monthly energy usage and their regular utility bills. If you’re looking to get in on the transition to residential solar energy for your property, then read below to learn about a few of the main ways that renewable energy can help you to save more energy and money.

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How to Better Understand Your Personal Position within the Global Alternative Energy Industry

install solar panelsWhether you know it or not, you’re personally contributing (either positively or negatively) to the global alternative energy industry each day. If you’ve made positive decisions to install solar panels, invest in renewable energy, and recycle whenever possible, then you may be happy with your contributions. Conversely, if you’re using outdated energy systems or consistently throw away single use plastics, then you might be surprised by the negative impact your actions may have. Wherever you lie on the spectrum, it’s essential to learn more about how you can actively participate in the creation of a world that values renewable energy. As an added benefit, you may also find out how to reduce your monthly utility bill. Regardless of your motivations, here are a few ideas that will help you to better understand your current position within the global alternative energy industry.

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Why Should You Invest in an Energy Audit Before Installing Solar Panels?

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Before installing a solar energy system, you’ll need to do a thorough energy audit of your home. The purpose of this energy audit is to determine whether the inclusion of a solar system can help you become more efficient in energy consumption. Here are some reasons why you’ll need to conduct an energy audit before planning to install a home solar energy system. Continue reading “Why Should You Invest in an Energy Audit Before Installing Solar Panels?”

How You Can Lower Your Environmental Impact with Solar Energy

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If you are a homeowner, then you’ve probably heard of residential solar energy systems. Even so, you might be confused as to why so many property owners are deciding to make the switch to more sustainable energy systems such as solar panels. For anyone who is looking to reduce their environmental impact (and lower their monthly energy bills), choosing a solar energy system is an excellent option.

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How You Can Save at Your Commercial Property with Solar Panel Installation

commercial solar panel installationIt’s unfortunate, but many people fail to see the incredible financial benefits associated with commercial solar panel installation. By switching to solar energy on your property, you not only save energy and contribute to environmental sustainability, but you also save money on your monthly utility bill. If all this sounds good to you, but you’re still not sure how to get started using solar energy in your commercial property, we have some helpful information for you.

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Facts to Influence Your Residential Solar Panel Installation

solar panel installationHow would you like to spend less of your income on your home energy bills every year? The average home in the United States spends 54% of utility expenses per year on cooling and heating. Should these homes take advantage of solar energy, they can cut down on their total energy bill depending on several other factors that come into play.

Despite the unique benefits of turning to solar energy for your electrical needs, the fact that it is still reasonably new can pose a challenge due to the information gap. Here are three things to factor in as you decide whether solar panel installation is the best decision for your residence.

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7 Things You Should Know When Buying Solar Panels

solar energyIf you live in Tampa, you’re already aware that the region has approximately 246 days of full sun throughout the year. This is more than the country’s average sunny days, which is something that people living in Tampa enjoy. Most of the people in this region have also been using solar energy to power their residential and commercial properties.

However, a majority of them are missing something when it comes to solar energy installation. Most of them don’t know how to buy the right solar panels for their buildings. This article articulates some of the factors to consider when buying solar panels in Tampa.
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Benefits of Embracing Solar Energy for Your Home

Even though we harness only about 0.001% of the sun’s energy, we get a whole lot of power that will be more than enough for our homes. More Americans are increasingly embracing solar energy, with the highest popularity surge in 2012, where the commercial solar energy market grew by 76%. This huge growth in commercial and residential solar energy uses may be because of the overwhelming benefits of this renewable energy source. Here, we’ll shed light on some of the advantages of using solar energy for your home’s power needs.

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