How Much Money Can Residential Solar Energy Save You?

residential solar energyOn average, 54% of your home’s annual utility expenses are due to cooling and heating. Fortunately, the earth is hit by over 8 million quads of clean solar energy every year, which can be converted into residential solar energy. Besides being environmentally friendly, solar panel installation will go a long way in saving your finances.

How Much Money Do You Spend On Electricity?

The first thing you need to determine is how much you spend on electricity. Go to your drawer and dig up your utility bills and check how much you spent on energy every month. A typical household might spend around $1,335 on electricity every year.

Once you have your figure, us it to make an estimate of how much it’s likely to cost you in a few years without any changes. Keep in mind that national electricity costs increase by about 2.2% every year during your calculations.

It’s probably a big number. That’s why solar panels are such a great investment. No rising costs, and your utility bills may all but be totally canceled out. A residential solar energy company will be able to advise you on the panel size you need to offset your electricity bills completely.

Will You Still Receive Electricity Bills?

There is a common misconception that you will no longer receive electricity bills once you switch to solar. You may offset your electricity needs, but if you remain connected to the grid, you will still receive an electric bill.

This is because of a policy called net metering, which is available in most states. When you are not using all your residential solar energy, it is sent to the grid in exchange for credits on your electric bills. However, at night you’re allowed to draw electricity from the grid to power your solar panels. That’s why you might still receive an electric bill even after switching to residential solar energy.

Note that the bill may not ask you to make any payments. It may only indicate how your usage was offset. The credits you don’t use will be rolled over to the next month where you can use them. The bottom line is; residential solar energy will undoubtedly lower your electricity bill and in some cases, eliminate the bill completely.

How Much Money Does Residential Solar Energy Save?

On average, you can save anywhere from $10k to $30K or more in 20 years when you invest in residential solar energy. Your savings will be determined by one major factor: the cost of electricity which will vary one year to another depending on where you live. Solar will prove to be a risk-free investment with a significant return on your savings.

Solar energy is the future of energy. It is not only efficient but also saves you money and saves the environment. Contact a solar energy company if you are looking for a long-term solution to your utility bills.

Seven Benefits of a Solar Panel Installation

solar panel installation

Today, many people are aware of what they can do to improve the environment. One of the most effective methods to reduce one’s carbon footprint is to switch to solar energy. Here are some great reasons to consider a solar panel installation for your home or business property.

1. Avoid Rising Cost of Energy

Acting now by arranging to have a solar panel installation at your home or business will be a great proactive move. It will help you avoid rising energy costs in the future, and protect your cash flow by being able to manage your expenses.

2. Reduce Electric Bills

Whether you are considering residential solar energy or commercial solar energy, one thing is certain: you will drastically reduce your electric bills with solar energy. When you arrange for a solar panel installation, you immediately start getting low cost power!

3. Protect the Environment

It might be hard to believe, but the carbon emissions for a typical home can total 3 to 4 tons! After a solar panel installation, these carbon emissions are eliminated. Interestingly, this evens out to planting about 100 trees every year.

4. Great Return on Investment

Thinking about installing solar panels as an investment makes more sense than thinking about it as an expense. The savings on electric bills are substantial, and after the solar panel system is paid off, the returns continue, because the solar power is the least cost power!

5. Help Local Employment and Economy

Solar-related job growth is experiencing a rapid increase. Solar-related jobs such as installing solar panels are more in demand as the population comes to realize how effective a solar panel system really is. So, it is clear that solar-related jobs contribute significantly to the economy.

6.Increase Property Value

Going solar will also have a direct effect on your personal finances, also, in addition to having an effect on the economy in general. As being eco-friendly becomes more of a selling point for home buyers, realtors and appraisers are noticing that homes with solar panels are selling quicker, and bring in higher prices, too. The property value will increase if the system is purchased and not leased.

7. Show You Care 

Going green with a solar panel installation is a great way to show the world that you care about the planet. Your commitment to sustainability by going green will be noticed by others in your community in your neighborhood. It may even inspire others to become more informed and to follow suit.

Some of the benefits of going solar are immediate, such as the economic savings on your energy bills right from the start. Other benefits are a little bit more long range and not quite as visible. For instance, when you decide to use solar energy, you will be helping the local economy and employment situation by patronizing your local solar companies. And you won’t be alone: in fact, the past 15 years have seen an increase in solar energy use of about 20%. This is mainly due to increased efficiency of solar panel systems and the fact that prices are going down so it costs less for a solar panel installation. Another benefit is the satisfaction that you will have knowing that you are doing your part to support clean energy and the environment.

5 Solar Energy Facts You May Not Have Known

Been thinking about amping up your solar energy game? Learn more about this renewable energy source below.

Solar Energy Is More Popular Than Ever

Over the past decade and a half, solar energy has grown at a rate of about 20% every single year. Why? Well, prices continue to drop as units become more efficient, causing many who may have been on the fence to finally switch over.

As of now, there are well over 1 million solar panel installations in the country. This adds up to over 40 gigawatts of energy, which is enough to power over 6.5 million homes throughout the United States.

Solar Energy Is Plentiful

The sun is a renewable energy source and the most abundant one on the planet. An incredible 173,000 terawatts of solar energy hit the Earth on a constant basis, which is over 10,000 times the total energy usage throughout the entire world.

Also, because it is renewable, we do not have to worry about running out any time soon. As long as the sun is shining, we can take advantage of this amazing natural resource.

Solar Panels Pay Themselves Off Quickly

One of the best ways to harness solar energy is through the use of solar panel fittings. While many find the upfront costs of these units hard to justify, it turns out that they actually pay themselves off quite quickly when you consider how significantly your energy bills drop on a month to month basis.

It is estimated that you are paid back in clean energy within around one to two years of having your panels installed. After that, you will still have decades of use out of them – well worth it.

Solar Energy Is a Low-Risk Energy Source

Many energy sources we utilize, such as oil, fire, and other chemicals can lead to injuries or even explosions, triggering all kinds of damage and putting your wellbeing at risk. Solar panels and solar energy come with little risk. The panels themselves won’t present threats to your health, and it doesn’t take any doing on your part to draw the sun in. Just install the solar energy system, then wait for daylight.

Solar Energy Is Low Maintenance

Once your solar panel units are up and functioning, there isn’t much you have to do with them except wait for the sun to shine. There are no moving parts involved, so you will not need to stress about anything rusting, corroding, or breaking down.

That being said, you will want to ensure they stay free of dirt, grime, and dust, but this typically only requires washing or two per year. If you can reach them with your garden hose, simply spray them down, and you should be good to go.

Make Your Investment Today

All in all, investing in solar panels and taking advantage of solar energy is a smart choice for any home or business owner. If you have been thinking of taking the leap, there is no time like the present. Install yours today to start reaping the benefits.

What You Should Know About Residential Solar Energy Installation

Heating bills are usually the highest in your home and with good reason. The HVAC systems market earned $81.1 billion in 2015 alone. It is not a surprise that homeowners are considering solar panels which will save heating costs and lower their utility bills by a sizable amount. If you are one of these homeowners, here is everything you need to know about residential solar energyresidential solar energy

Is your home suitable for solar heating?

Solar panels need to face between southeast and southwest. They must be placed at an angle of 20 to 50 degrees to maximize their performance. While this is the ideal way to install your panels, you can still get the best out of solar energy if your panes face west or east. All you have to do is use panels that are around 20% bigger.

Which is the best collector to use?

There are different types of collectors in the market, and the best way to know which one is suitable for your region is to consult your solar panel installation company. The evacuated solar thermal system is among the most popular panels in the market. They work quite well and come with an efficiency rate of 90%.

Flat plate solar thermal systems come in second. They have been around since the 1950s. They have a dark colored flat plate that absorbs the heat and transfers it using liquid that contains antifreeze. The popular design is that harp configuration which is best used in low-pressure systems. They are the best alternative to metal plate collectors.

Thermodynamic panels are catching up fast and are a new development in solar thermal technology. These residential solar energy panels can be installed on the roof of your house or on the walls. It is best to let a professional from a solar panel installation service do the installation for you. These panes have a refrigerant that passes through them to transfer heat to your desired area, be it your bathing water or kitchen water.

Solar air heaters are one of the most economical panels available today. They also are the most efficient when it comes to producing clean energy to be used around the home. They have a glazed system with a transparent top layer, and its insulated surrounding makes it difficult for heat to escape. There are many more panels you can use to produce renewable energy: ask residential solar companies to recommend the best panels for your home.

How many panels do you need?

If your solar energy installation company advocates for solar tubes, you will need to purchase around twenty to thirty tube to serve the whole household. The installer will assess how much hot water your household needs and recommend the number of panels you need installed.

The best thing about solar energy is the fact that it is renewable, sustainable, and plentiful. The panels are also low maintenance, which makes them cost-effective and because of the green energy used, it qualifies you for tax breaks. Residential solar energy panels may cost a bit during the installation, but the advantages they offer greatly outnumber the cost of installation and paying high utility bills.

Understanding Solar Energy and Its Uses

solar energy

You already know that the sun gives off an incredible amount of heat. According to research and statistics, 120,000 terawatts of power hit the earth’s surface from the sun. This is 10,000 times more than the energy flow in our industrial civilization. The introduction of and the use of solar energy has made it possible for us to harness this energy and put it to good use. This article takes an in-depth look at solar energy and its uses today.

What Is Solar Energy?

Solar energy refers to the technology used to harvest the sun’s heat and make it useable. One-tenth of the earth’s global energy demand is met through the use of solar energy. Solar panels are mounted on rooftops in commercial buildings and homes. They convert the sun’s energy into useable energy that we use to light our homes and heat water and living spaces. Some plants also use this type of energy in photosynthesis to grow the foods we eat.

What Can We Use Solar Energy For?

Today’s world is full of technological advancement that requires the use of energy. One of the most efficient ways to power the electronics we have at home and in our offices is to use solar. This has become common with phone and tablet manufacturers incorporating the use of solar panels as a source of power for the gadgets. At home, solar panel installations can bring down utility bills by having our computers, kitchen and bathroom appliances, and televisions powered through solar.

Apart from home, the government has adopted the use of solar energy systems to keep us safe by providing street lights that rely on solar power. These lights give us visibility during the night, which makes it easier to drive. Their use also improves the beautiful decor of the street they are used, and the homes they appear, improving the exterior design of the property.

Homeowners are realizing that they can use solar space heaters in their home to harness the sun’s renewable energy. Solar space heaters convert the residential solar energy with the use of liquid or air to turn it into useable energy. Such a solar heating system will allow you to heat your pool more cost-effectively. The U.S Department of Energy agrees that this is the most efficient and cost-effective way to heat pools in many climates.

Advantages of Using Renewable Energy

The sun shines every day, and its power can be used daily in most parts of the world. The sun will not run out of energy, which makes this the most reliable source of energy on earth. According to scientists, the sun is going to die in 5 billion years, but before then, we can enjoy and harvest its power.

Renewable energy also reduces electricity bills considerably in our homes. While a lot of people worry about the cost of installation, the long-term effect is that the bills will reduce. How much of a reduction you see will depend on the system you install and how much power it can generate for home use.

Clean energy is used in a number of ways, either as electricity or as heat. Solar panels can be installed in areas without electricity access, to distill water in areas limited in clean water, and even to power satellites in space.

Their maintenance cost is low, which means that if you keep them relatively clean, they will serve you for twenty to twenty-five years. Keep them intact, so there are no moving parts. This reduces the wear and tear. You only need to change the converter, which will be done in five to twenty years, depending on your installation service provider and panel you used.

Although solar power depends partially on the weather, its advantages greatly outweigh this fact. The efficiency does drop during rainy and cloudy days, but this does not mean that your panels will collect no energy to use. During such days, you can supplement their use with electricity which still lowers your energy bills significantly than if you had no solar panels at all. This means that investing in a solar panel is a wise long-term decision.

Top 8 Benefits of Commercial Solar Energy for Businesses

Using solar energy for your business is likely to provide a considerable number of benefits, especially when compared to more traditional sources of power. Commercial solar energy has been highlighted as the future of energy generation. A considerable number of people are already using residential solar panels in their homes, and now many businesses are embracing commercial solar energy as well. If you’re on the fence, then here are some of the benefits of commercial solar energy.

1. Access to Government Incentives

The Federal Government (and many states) have been highly involved in advocacy campaigns that are focused on increasing the number of solar panels in operation. To motivate business owners to use commercial solar energy, the government has been offering tax rebates and other benefits. Therefore, if you buy solar panels for your business, you can often take advantage of government incentives.

2. Reduce Energy Bills

The cost of electrical energy is continuing to rise. With solar panels of your own, energy costs will actually decrease. You will only be required to cover the upfront costs of commercial solar panel installation, after which you will be enjoying power generated on-site. Combining solar energy and effective insulation, you will be able to lower the cost of heating and cooling by more than 40%.

3. Improve Property Value

If you’re the owner of the building, you can increase its value by incorporating green technology. Trends have shown that a considerable number of commercial property buyers are highly interested in self-sufficient properties. With solar energy, your property will be energy self-sufficient, which can drastically increase the value of your property. The use of solar energy can even attract a considerable number of property buyers, after listing it for sale.

4. Reduce Business Expenses

Solar panels for businesses are very beneficial to the business as they help in reducing operational costs. Businesses operate with the motive of minimizing operational costs while at the same time maximizing their output. However, increased electrical bills go against the motives of the business. With the incorporation of solar energy, the business will seize from paying all the electrical bills, and that amount can be channeled on other vital areas of the company.

5. Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Your business has the responsibility of ensuring that its energy consumption does not inflict negative impacts on the environment. The use of renewable energy is one of the significant aspects of ensuring that the business acts responsibly and reliably. Switching the business to commercial solar energy is environmentally friendly and reduces greenhouse gases. Corporate social responsibility is an aspect that can help the business to attract more customers and investors.

6. Employee Retention

Recent studies show that potential and talented employees are evaluating the green credentials of their future employer. A business that actively participates in activities that are to harm the environment is not likely to attract and retain talented employees. Most of the workers will be interested in working in a company that is sensitive to the environment. Installing solar energy systems, therefore, will attract and retain employees in your company.

7. Positive Media Attention

Most businesses appear in the news for all the wrong reasons. However, you can use green technology to attract positive media attention for your business. Many major hotel chains, stadiums, and agricultural companies have generated positive coverage by announcing green energy initiatives. With commercial solar energy, media will promote your business as a green and environmentally friendly business.

8. Income from Solar

A business may even develop a new income flow by selling the excess solar energy to other users and the government. Government policy allows property owners with excess solar energy to export it to the main grid at an agreed rate. By exporting solar energy to the grid, you’ll be getting monthly income, which can be used to stabilize the business, especially when sales are very low.

Commercial solar energy is the future of business energy generation. A business owner who is interested in attracting employees, creating a positive vibe from the media, reducing the cost of operation, and getting some monthly income needs to start using solar panels as the primary sources of power.

Do You Live in Tampa? Solar Energy Could be a Difference Maker in Your Home

solar energy

Solar energy is becoming one of the most attractive alternatives to traditional electrical energy. The Federal Government and the state governments have been encouraging homeowners around the country to incorporate solar power as one of the sources of energy in their homes. If you live in Tampa, you should take this opportunity because Tampa sees about 246 days of full sun every year. There are other benefits that you will enjoy by using solar energy, as well:

1. Reduced Energy Bills

You will learn from commercial solar companies in Tampa; solar energy will reduce the amount of money that you will pay your electricity supplying company. Generating your home’s power through solar energy means you’ll use very little of the electricity supplied through the grid, helping you save money. You might be able to produce much more energy and sell to the main grid, as well. and you could be making some few dollars per year.

2. Increase the Value of your Property

This is a hidden benefit that many homeowners don’t know. When you buy solar panels for your home, you increase the value of your property. Home buyers are looking for homes that are self-sufficient in terms of energy. Solar energy is one of the most sufficient methods out there. If you want to sell your home, you will attract a considerable number of buyers and you could even attract more money than the actual market value of your property. If you are planning to sell your home in the future, you can increase its value by installing quality solar panels. This will only increase the value of your property if the system is purchased and not leased.

3. No Negative Impacts on the Environment

Solar power is clean energy because it relies on direct sunlight, and the sun’s rays are converted into electrical energy by advanced technology. This energy doesn’t have to cover any distance reaching the area where it will be consumed. The energy is used at the place where it is produced, which means that it does not have any interference on the environment through the grid. Additionally, this efficient energy does not require turbines, which means there is no noise pollution, — a common issue in hydroelectric energy generation.

4. It is Sustainable

Sustainability is an important aspect of energy production. The amount of energy demand continues to increase as more people expand their energy output and businesses open up around the world. This means that a sustainable source of energy is the only feasible solution. Solar power cannot be depleted. The sun will always be there, which means that the only requirement is a way of harnessing solar energy and converting it into electrical energy.

5. Cheap Installation Costs

Solar energy system installation companies in Tampa provide cheap solar power installation services to their customers. Unlike the electrical grid where you have to apply to a local company for connection, which might take up to a month, solar installation is done quickly and cost-effective. All you have to do is buy all the necessary accessories, and experts from solar installation companies will handle all the installations and connections. Some solar panel installers might even bring all the required equipment with them, meaning you won’t have to do or buy anything.

6. Low Maintenance

Since you will be using solar power in your home alone, there will be little to no interruptions in most of your electrical cables. No other tenants are using the same electricity, which means that wear and tear instances are very minimal. This means that very low maintenance practices will be required. However, you might need to consult with repair professionals for certain electrical wiring issues.

7. No Interruptions

Solar power is your energy. You are the one who is in charge of the entire solar power system. You will never be interrupted, and in case of scheduled maintenance, you will be prepared, which means that you will not experience inconveniences. When you are using energy from the main grid, you are regularly interrupted by scheduled maintenance or grid overload.

Installing residential solar panels in your home is the only way you can reduce power bills and have complete autonomy of your energy. Besides using clean energy, you can sell excess energy to the government — give Efficient Home Services of Florida a call today!

Residential Solar Energy: Why It Works and How You Save

Are you looking for clean energy? Have you considered calling a solar energy company for your green electricity needs? Here’s why you should:

Solar Energy Systems and Their Benefits

In the average American home, heating and cooling costs account for 54% of consumers’ annual utility bills. If more than half of your electric bill is dedicated to heating and cooling, then why not consider installing a residential solar energy system, which can save you tons? Solar energy use has increased dramatically, at about 20 percent per year for the last 15 years. This increase can be attributed to falling prices and gains in system efficiencies

Solar Panels for Homes

Solar panels for homes play a large part in consumers’ residential solar energy needs. The amount of solar power installed in the U.S. has increased more than 23 times over the last several years–1.2 gigawatts (GW) in 2008 to an estimated 27.4 GW at the end of 2015, and it has only increased since then.

Residential and commercial solar energy systems save homes and businesses money is energy costs, and provide the benefit of giving back through the benefit to the economy. Solar panels have service lives that last decades. In other words, the cost of creating solar panels is more than paid for in the energy provided homes and businesses that use solar

Solar Panels Work

PV, or photovoltaic, solar panels would power the whole of the United States’ energy needs if they were installed on only 0.6% of the nation’s total land area. The increasing popularity of solar is growing the market by leaps and bounds. In 2016, the residential solar market in the U.S was estimated to be worth nearly $4.7 billion, with a “B,” dollars

There are many reasons to choose a solar company near you and call them for a solar panel installation estimate. There are several reasons to choose solar. A few are listed below

    1. Solar Power is Clean: Solar power is good for the environment. It provides a source of clean, “green” energy. Solar will help reduce energy consumers’ carbon footprint
    2. Solar Adds Benefit to Unused or Underutilized Land: Solar panels make good use of unused or underutilized land, which provides a source of clean energy for everyone. Solar farms are tracts of land where solar panels are installed in great numbers and in close proximity to each other. A 45-acre solar farm was installed in England and generated power for 2,500 homes
    3. Solar Provides Energy Grid Security: With enough residential solar energy customers using solar power, we are not as likely to experience frustrating black- and brownouts. This provides a level of security against frustrating brown- and blackouts
    4. Solar is low cost!: The sun is an energy source that will not run out. No company or corporation has a monopoly on the sun or solar energy. Once you switch to solar power, you will start saving immediately on your energy costs. You will enjoy both short term and long term benefits from solar energy

Sustainability Now and Into the Future

Invest in solar energy by calling a residential solar panel installation company and get in on the benefits and sustainability of clean, cost-saving solar energy. Have a residential solar energy professional install solar panels on your home, and reap the benefits of the best of green energy

Should You Get Solar Panels for Your Home?

solar energy

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, about 25% to 40% of the energy used for heating and cooling goes to waste due to contaminants that build up in the HVAC system, which forces it to work harder.

Did you know that solar and wind power systems have 100 times better lifetime energy than both nuclear and fossil energy systems?

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is acquired through the use of solar panels in order to harness and distribute the world’s most powerful energy source that is the sun’s radiation.

It is the most bountiful energy resource available, delivering 173,000 terawatts at a continuous rate, which is more than 10,000 times the amount of the total energy used around the world.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels are comprised of a group of many photovoltaic cells connected together. These cells convert sunlight to electricity by allowing particles of light, or photons, to separate electrons from atoms.

Metal conductive plates collect the electrons and transfer them to wires. This process transforms these cells into usable energy.

What are solar panels good for?

Sustainability, first and foremost. As an alternative to fossil fuel, solar energy presents itself a great replacement. It is a completely renewable energy source, which means it will never run out. As long as there is a sun, there is solar power available.

Why use solar energy?

The main reason you should seriously consider choosing solar energy is it will significantly reduce your electricity bill. The installation of solar panels will drastically reduce your electricity and heat usage, causing your energy bill to go down.

The general maintenance for solar panels is relatively low, with them needing to be cleaning professionally a couple of times a year.

Currently, there are 1.3 million solar installations across the United States. Their cumulative capacity is over 40 gigawatts. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, an estimated 1 megawatt of electricity can power 164 homes, which means that 40 gigawatts can provide enough power for 6.5 million households in the United States.

If you reside in Florida and are considering a solar panel installation, our solar power Tampa company offers solar power installation services for residential and commercial buildings. Are you ready for clean energy?

What You Need to Know Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels

Installing Rooftop Solar PanelsRooftop solar panels are one of the most popular products for homeowners that value green energy. These home installations can help you to save money on every energy bill by selling power back to the energy grid. Making the switch over to solar power can be a far more energy-efficient solution for homeowners and beneficial for savings in the long run too. With a number of government rebates available for solar panel installation it’s more advantageous to install this technology than ever before.

Before you decide to install rooftop solar panels there are a number of inspection checks that you should complete before making the investment:

Rooftop Inspections

A professional rooftop inspection should take place before any solar panel installation. Assessing your roof to determine if it’s suitable for solar panels is important. A rooftop inspection will check to make sure that your roof is able to structurally support solar panels and that your roofing materials will not require immediate replacement. Replacing items like shingles before solar panels are installed can be a much more cost-effective choice.

Checking Your Yard

Checking for signs of obstructions such as overhanging trees can be important to maintaining efficiency with your solar array. Trimming back some of your trees and looking for other areas where solar panels could be obstructed through the day can help you prepare for maximum energy efficiency.

Choosing your Solar Panels

Choosing solar panel products for your roof can also be very important. There are photovoltaic systems for energy and thermal systems that can be used for your internal heating systems and water heating systems. Homeowners need to consider the type of space they have available and what products would work best for their cost savings. Choosing a manufacturer for your rooftop solar panels can be important for maintaining efficiency and minimizing the amount of maintenance you may have to complete on the rooftop too.

Speaking with a Utility

Some utilities may charge you for the hookup on your solar panels. It’s also important to consider how you be reimbursed by the utility company for the solar power you are installing. More information from a local utility company can guide your purchase decision.

installing rooftop solar panelsThis post was written by Reggie Reed! Reggie is a state certified roofing contractor and the owner of Reggie Reed Roofing, a St. Petersburg Roofing Company. They offer a wide variety of roofing services for Residential homes, apartment complexes, condos, commercial buildings, churches and more.