Save Money – Own Solar

learn how to save money when you own solarInstalling a solar power system in Florida can be one of the greatest ways that you can save money with your energy costs at home. If you’re thinking about buying some solar panels for your roof, the overall costs of solar are going down throughout the state of Florida. Buying a system for solar energy today could be one of the best ways that you could own a power generation system for your home that will improve power generation options for the environment and cost savings.
How does owning solar panels in Florida lead to cost savings?
The cost of solar panels throughout Tampa is beginning to fall. It’s one of the best times that you can save money on solar and get great price. With the average cost of 11.7 kW solar system around $22,000, the system can provide energy that’s worth around $4200 over two years. This could lead to a savings for a property as electricity rates start to rise. As the average utility will raise their rates by 6.7% every year, it’s possible to start seeing cost savings of several thousand dollars per year by locking in the price of electricity with a solar system. Continue reading “Save Money – Own Solar”

6 Reasons to Install Solar Power ASAP

install solar powerIf you are weighing the options with installing solar power for your premises in Florida, there could be a wide range of reasons to install a solar power system on your roof immediately. Here are some of the most convincing arguments towards the idea of installing solar power on your roof:

It is better for the environment: around 68% of the electricity that is produced in the United States currently comes from fossil fuels. By making an effort to convert your household over, you can reduce the total amount of the missions that you produce personally and use renewable energy instead.


It can offer cost savings: Installing solar power as soon as possible will lock in the rate that you pay for electricity. You could save up to $30,000 over the next 25 years by installing a solar power system. Continue reading “6 Reasons to Install Solar Power ASAP”

Solar Panels Florida Rebate

Solar Panels Florida RebateFlorida has been nicknamed the sunshine state and for good reason. As one of the best states across the country for installing solar power, Florida also has some excellent rebates available to its citizens. The overall cost to install solar panels continues to drop almost every year because the lawmakers in the area can deliver extra attention to the initiative.

Solar panels from the Florida rebate can be delivered as a result of a 30% federal tax credit for the overall cost of the system. A typical sized solar panel system could cost around $28,000. With the help of the 30% tax credit from the state this can drop the price by thousands of dollars to $19,600, leaving you without a monthly payment between $85-$125. Continue reading “Solar Panels Florida Rebate”

Solar Panels Florida Cost

Solar Panels Florida CostIf you are looking to invest in solar panels in Florida, you may want to know more about the average costs that are associated with installing one of these systems. When installing solar power across Florida the overall costs of the equipment used can vary based off of the roof type, the building and the equipment that you plan on using for the installation process. The height and installation quality can also factor into the overall cost of solar.

The short answer on the cost of solar panels in Florida is that they typically range between $3.25 and  $3.85 a watt for power. Although the overall cost of a solar power system didn’t seem quite expensive upfront, when you consider the total amount of money that you are spending on regular energy, you can start to see how this system could easily pay back the energy costs in your home and save you a ton of money. Continue reading “Solar Panels Florida Cost”