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It’s nice to know the I money spent on solar panels is not only an investment but it’s also money that’s NOT going to duke energy. I also love all the information I was given to save money on my electric bill without even agreeing to purchase anything. Th
Professional, thorough, and affordable. Helping people save money, and helping the planet too!? What else can we ask for? EHS is where it's at!
Have lived in Florida my entire life and always dealt with the ridiculous energy costs to cool my home. A close friend recently converted their home into this "green home" that I have been hearing about, so I decided to look into it. The auditor who came
Amazing company to work for. So exciting to be a part of this and make changes in our local community and the green initiative every day!
Excellent presentation and very informative! Ty O'Conner was very knowledgeable and provided detailed information! Extremely impressed with the company and the savings that are available to homeowners! AWESOME Customer Service!!!!!!!! Marcia in Lake Mary
Very professional company with great customer service. They offer a lot of great products that will save you a lot of money!
They came out to give me an estimate and walked all over how it would be installed and the savings from it! Can't wait for my tax return to get it installed!
My electric bill was cut in half. Thank you EHS! My wife and I can finally take a vacation because of your services.
I'm going to have a great new year my bills are going to be so much less I noticed it already their product is excellent and I thank them so much for taking a burden off me and saving me money!
Best company !!!! From the moment EHS did there free energy audit on my home I knew I was in good hands. I've always wanted to go green but never knew how and EHS made it so simple I will definitely refer them to friends and family. Thank you so much EHS.