Sustainable Sunshine: 3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Solar Power

commercial solar energy


The popularity of sustainable energy has skyrocketed in recent years: solar energy, in particular, has surged 20% every year in the past 15. Considering the fact that the sun is quite literally a limitless source of power (and that nobody likes those pesky monthly bills), investing in solar panel installation offers benefits that don’t end at your residential property line; many companies, both big and small, are seeing the light and making the switch to renewable energy options, increasingly in the form of commercial solar energy. Let’s take a look at what the three main benefits of solar panels for businesses are.


  • Reduced Operating Costs: Running a business is expensive. In fact, most of those costs originate from building operations — keeping the lights on, the air conditioning running, and the technology fully powered. By taking advantage of the ever-present sunshine, you can reduce or even eliminate your office’s electric bill; by installing a solar energy system, you’re essentially prepaying for nearly 40 years of energy but at a fraction of your current costs.


  • Maintenance-Free and Reliable: The installation process will take a few weeks, but once it’s finished, your panels will require little to no maintenance (especially if backup batteries are being used). You’ll have a quiet and reliable source of clean energy for around 25 to 40 years.


  • Getting that Green Label: Consumer interest in the source of their products has greatly increased in recent years. When they’re buying meat, they want to know how the animal was treated; when they’re buying a product or service, they want to know if the company who created it is ‘green’. When you depend on solar panels for your company’s electricity, you’re cutting down on fossil fuel emissions and reducing your contribution to global warming and pollution. Being environmentally responsible does nothing but boost your popularity in the public’s eye, and offers a bonus in the form of an excellent PR and marketing tool.


No matter what you’re most concerned about — saving the environment or saving your money — commercial solar energy is a bright solution. By relying on sustainable, clean energy, your business will blossom in the light of the sun.